Top Frequently Asked Questions

We can help by providing tested and proven solutions. We can design a unique and inventive layout, and then provide the guidance, support and follow through to help you stay on budget and meet all code requirements.

Yes, there is a charge for design services. The charge depends largely on the size and scope of the project. The use of professionals can save you money and time by moving from concept to opening more quickly, with fewer corrective actions. The initial consultation (at no charge) will help determine which services are valuable to you.  Many projects require only a few of the available services.
Sometimes. FSDC does not provide the services of an architect or engineer, which are often needed for new construction, structural changes, or change of use.  Working with a foodservice specialist will likely save time and effort for the architect, possibly reducing those costs.
Yes, we frequently work with architects and contractors on projects to provide foodservice expertise on the design of the kitchen and/or dining spaces. We can also provide assistance with the interior design and finish selections of these spaces.
There are many places that you can begin, but usually the best place to start is to determine your funding and budget requirements. This will help with decisions about size, location, and concept. Industry experience is a great help, so if you haven’t worked in foodservice, give it a try!
Generally, it is helpful if you have the location finalized with a lease, the menu, and a general idea of the concept.
It is becoming increasingly more common for churches to put in commercial kitchens. Though it is not required, the idea is that if you are providing food at any point to the public, or people outside your congregation (think weddings, funerals, rented events, soup kitchens) you will need to have a commercially rated kitchen.
There are many factors that determine the speed of a project, such as the size and complexity of the project and even the clients’ response times. If you have tight deadlines, we are generally able to work with you to try and accommodate your timeline needs.
While FSDC is not responsible for pulling permits, or coordinating directly with the health department, we can supply you, or the architect, with the plans and documentation (for the specified equipment), that will be required for the Health Department submittal package.

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